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Why Interior Design?

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I’m pretty excited about taking the steps to become an Interior Designer. With the experience I’ve had so far, working in Interior Design, Staging and Retail, I know, more than ever, that this is the career path for me!

My mom’s friend Julli-Anna Grayson of Grace In Design, Tsawwassen, BC is an Interior Designer. For a short while, when I was little, we lived with her and I got to see some of the process of what she did for a living. I was intrigued right away with the idea of taking a blank space and making it beautiful.

Since then I have always been interested in the drawing my “dream home” or designing with a bunch of the free online CAD programs. I’m always tweaking my design and finding new ways to make it reflect exactly what I want.

A few years ago I met an Architect, Kevin Vallely (you should check him out. Probably one of the coolest guys ever! He almost rowed across the North West passage!), and thought that I might like to go in that direction but he assured me that Interior Design was where all the fun is. Kevin’s designs are really cool and “west-coast” and reflect his commitment to the environment.

When I started to figure out that I could be a designer who cared about the environment too (something important to me) I began to look into all sorts of ideas for sustainable Interior Design and realized that THAT was the key for me.

I’m very excited to pursue ID as a career and can’t wait to see how the world will improve through sustainable, ethical business practices in the world of Interior Design.