About me

mrs_piemontHi, my name is Layne Jordan. While Jordan is not my “official” last name, I have always used it for all of my social media and online accounts

Currently, I’m a grade 12 student in North Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve put together this website to use as an addition to any college and university applications or scholarship applications I fill in over this school year. I think that the more I can display my passion for Interior Design in an online forum, the most chances I will have to succeed.

So, who am I really? Hmmm, I’m a big sister to my best friend. I’m an elite-level cheerleader with Vancouver All Stars. I’m an honour roll student in the co-op program. I’m a Starbucks Barista at Grouse Mountain. I’m a new driver ;). I”m a lover of Interior Design. I’m lots of different things.

I’m excited to be in Grade 12 finally. Throughout my academic career I’ve had a working memory, processing disorder. I was diagnosed in Grade 2 and have had learning assistance since then. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of some amazing teachers and wonderful learning aids…and my mom who often had to explain the difference between working memory and other disorders like dyslexia or ADD.

What I’d really like admissions people to know is, I’m an extremely hard-worker. I’ve spent my life figuring out how to do things that some people thought I couldn’t do. I’ve stayed focused and am now seeing the results. I’m very excited about Interior Design and where I can go with it. Since I am classified as an “experiential learner” on-the-job training and physically creating things is my strongest skill. I think (hope) I’m going to be an excellent designer one day.